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Nude Michelle Marsh with huge boobs

Say hello to naked Michelle Marsh with her 32FF cup boobs. I wonder why does she try to cover them with her hands after the entire planet saw her completely nude? And what had happened to her cute sweet face? Her facial expressions are not only funny, but also prove that army of stylists and cosmetologists make all those celeb attractive looks.

Michelle Marsh boobs 1 Michelle Marsh boobs 2 Michelle Marsh booobies 3

Beautiful Avril Lavigne with a boob looking out of her dress

Avril Lavigne has recommended herself on public as a nice girl who never allows herself something provocative. Well, paparazzi caught her only once. Here is this famous photo. Avril Lavign is hurrying somewhere and while her strapless dress goes down, her right tit is looking out of it straight to photographers’ cameras! Well-done guys! Avril! You’d better watch your clothes! Next time you can lose your panties!

Avril Lavigne nipple slips

Sophie Marceau shows off her tit on public

I’ve always admired Sophie Marceau’s beauty. Wanna know how her nipples and tits look like? Well there are two ways to learn it: to go back in time and space and attend the Oscar Prize event, or watch these paparazzi photos on my blog. Sophie’s boob popped out of the dress when she was walking along the red carpet. What an embarrassment! Sophie is making funny faces as well. Seems like she is surprised not less then the other public.

Sophie Marceau paparazzi shots Sophie Marceau celeb oops photo Sophie Marceau boob slips

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Jessica Alba shows off her divine boobs

Jessica Alba is beautiful with and without makeup on. Here is a nice picture of her coming out of the water in the swimming pool. I guess she didn’t know that her swimsuit gets see-through when it is wet. Or was it a bad joke of some salesman? Now we can see clearly: Jessica Alba’s boobs look natural, firm and perfectly shaped! And they have small but very suckable nipples. I have found few more photos where Jessica Alba is posing in see-through top on some celeb party. She is awesome!

Jessica Alba boobs Jessica Alba nipples Jessica Alba shows boobs

Upskirt oops pics of Britney Spears

Hot paparazzi photos of Britney Spears caught without panties…

Britney Spears paparazzi oops pics Britney Spears without panties Britney Spears upskirt pussy pics

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Sharon Stone in see-through cocktail dress

Sharon gets old, but her body is still hot. This time under her extremely expansive fur jacket she got not less expansive cocktail black dress, which under the straight light of the photo cameras became almost see through. So here are nice pics of Sharon generously demonstrating her tiny round boobs with hard nipples. She got excited during the shooting I asked myself? I can imagine her shock when she saw these photos on the headlines of the yellow press magazines! I would love to see her angry. Lol

Sharon Stone nipple photo Sharon Stone boobs Sharon Stone oops

Britney Spears oops upskirt pics

Britney Spears behaved naughty lately. Now she’s got lots of problems about that. And we can enjoy really naughty and explicit pics. This time Britney was so busy, that she forgot to take her VS panties on. Well done! Now we know for sure that Britney shaves her pussy. These shots were made when she was getting out of the car. No detail can slide from paparazzi photo camera. First she shaved her pussy, and then she shaved her head… I wonder what will be next!

Britney Spears oops pussy Britney Spears pussy paparazzi shots

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Mischa Barton ass slip pics

These are shocking oops photos with Mischa Barton. Frankly speaking we saw her in a better shape. She probably took the longest top out of her wardrobe and forgot to wear some skirt. Now we can enjoy the views of Mischa Barton’s butt in nylons. It doesn’t look too appetizing though. Am I right? Her nylons have few holes as well. Lol! Oh, maybe it was crazy sex in the club’s restroom? Paparazzi are always there in time for some scandal photos, isn’t it?

Mischa Barton sexy Mischa Barton Mischa Barton oops

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Lindsay Lohan upskirt-oops pics

That’s great that paparazzi exist in this world. With their cameras we can sneak under celebrities clothes and see what they are having there. These are some great pics with Lindsay Lohan. Just look how generously she shows off her black panties to the photographers. They shoot her coming out of the car. Maybe that’s not just oops photos of the celeb babe, I think Lindsay enjoys showing off her lingerie on public as well! These celebrities are so unpredictable sometimes.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan hot photos Lindsay Lohan paparazzi pics

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Britney Spears shows off her nipple

What Britney is hiding underneath her clothes? Here are some pics that show it all! Britney Spears with her blonde girlfriend were aiming to some club. Paparazzi quickly found the best moment to take oops pics that show off Britney’s tiny boobs, which are not really in the good shape right now. Well… take a look by yourself and compare her to the pop star Britney we used to know: with juicy tits and fantastic perfectly shaped body! Maybe next time she’ll take on not so revealing dress. Hehe ))

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